2021 Info!

2021 Laker Family Camp

UpdatedSunday March 21, 2021 byEve Fusco.

Does my child need a lunch?

  • Full Day: A light lunch/snack/drink is suggested.  
  • Little Laker: Just a snack & drink!

What type of equipment will my child need?

  • Full Day: 

Boys: Helmet, Mouthguard, chest protector, arm guards, gloves, stick, sneakers or cleats, water bottle

Girls: Mouthguard, Goggles/protective eyewear, stick, sneakers or cleats, water bottle

  • Little Lakers:

Boys & Girls: Stick, sneakers, comfy clothes, water bottle.

Will there be water, snack or lunch breaks?

Yes, there will be plenty of breaks, taken at various times to stay hydrated and nourished!

Should my child wear sunscreen or bug spray?

Sunscreen is strongly advised.   Bug spray as needed...usually not too buggy at the fields.

A hat or sunglasses may be helpful for Little Lakers

Can parents stay and watch?

Many parents like to watch parts of camp and are always welcome to visit.  The last day of camp is a great time to take to pictures and enjoy closing celebrations!